“Be Curious” Star Book

Well, today I woke up to this…

My garden looks like Narnia!!!!  There was not really much to do but go out and actually enjoy it (one of the perks to working from home).  Photos of my ‘creation’ at the end of the post.


So, now down to more serious matters…it’s time for today’s blog post.  Something a little bit different today.  Apologies that this is a longer post than usual; but I have crammed it full of pictures, as the sprays that I used were just beautiful.




As you will probably know, on 14 March 2018 we lost a great mind from this world.  Professor Stephen Hawking.  I cannot profess to have known this gent, or even to have met him; but, I felt a sadness that such a wonderful chap had passed away.


One of his quotes, and a favourite of mine, is about being curious and looking up at the stars and not just down at your feet.  To take in the wonder that the universe possesses and to try to learn to understand it all and our place within it.


I have wanted to do a star book project for some time now and with the passing of Stephen Hawking and his wonderful quote, I thought that a space theme for my book might be a good idea.


I have used a number of sprays from Lindy’s Stamp Gang, as these have a gorgeous shimmer to them and blend together beautifully.


Firstly, I started with the cardstock that will become the base of my book.  For this I used Creative Expression “Midnight Blue” pearlescent card.  I cut 5 pieces of this, measuring 20 x 9cm, before scoring them down the middle of the longest side (at 10cm) folding in half and setting aside.


I then cut out 5 pieces of white watercolour cardstock, measuring 18 x 8cm, before scoring these at the 9cm mark on the longest side.


I then set about spraying the watercolour card with a selection of Lindy’s sprays (the colours used will be listed beneath each photo).



Sprays – Screamin Banshee Black, Long John’s Silver (and also an ink spritzing spray from Docrafts called Ocean Blue)



Sprays – Screamin Banshee Black, Poinsettia Red Gold, Cocklebells Coral



Sprays – Screamin Banshee Black, Maidenhair Fern Green, Jack in the Pulpit Team



Sprays – Screamin Banshee Black, Sweet Violet Purple Teal, Poinsettia Red Gold, Cocklebells Coral



Sprays – Screamin Banshee Black, Bucaneer Bay Blue, Maidenhair Fern Green


Once they were dry, I used a fan paintbrush and added some splashes to each piece, using water-down gold acrylic paint and watered-down white gesso.


Once these had all dried, I stamped some texture on to them sing “Jet Black” and “Cornflower Blue” and “Rose Madder” Archival Inks (I used a foliage stamp from Inkadinkadoo, a script stamp and the “Sketchy” stamp from Kaisercraft).  Using black ink, I then went over the edges to remove the white cut line and also to frame the pieces nicely.


On my inkjet printer, I printed out the Stephen Hawking quote, before trimming the wording down to size.  I inked the edges with the black Archival and then stuck them onto coloured card.  Once stuck down, I went over the edges of the word panels with “Star Dust” Stickles to add a bit more sparkle.


Once the glitter glue had completely dried, I applied red liner tape (you can use double sided tape or even wet glue if you prefer) to the shortest ends of each of the sprayed pieces of card.  This is the only tricky bit.  You then line up the short end of the watercolour card to the short end of the blue card, making sure that it is centrally placed before sticking down.  You then do the same with the other side.  Now, the watercolour card is meant to be shorter than the blue card, so do not panic there.

Once these are all stuck in place, it is time to stick the blue card pieces to each other – this will form the star shape.  Again, I used red liner tape, as I know that this will stay stuck together for ever and a day!!  Glue the back piece of the first section to the front piece of the second, and so on until you have a concertina of card loveliness.  DO NOT stick the very last section to the first section of your book, or else you will have a permanent star shape and not be able to close it up.


Take some ribbon (I used Anita’s glitter satin ribbon in Jet Black).  Cut 2 lengths of this (about 20cm in length) and stick these centrally to the front and back of your book – don’t worry if it looks bitty, you will be covering this up in the next step.


Now for the covers:

I cut 2 panels of the blue card measuring 10 x 9cm, 2 panels of silver mirri card measuring 9.5 x 8.5cm, and 2 panels of watercolour card measuring 9 x 8cm.


The 2 pieces of watercolour card were sprayed with Screamin Banshee Black, Maidenhair Fern Green and Sweet Violet Purple Teal.  Before adding little splashes using a watered-down silver acrylic paint and some watered-down white gesso, as before.  Once these were dried, I layered the watercolour card onto the mirri and then onto the dark blue card, fore I repeated the process for the other panel.  Now that the covers were done, I stuck each panel to the top and bottom of my book using red liner tape.


My final addition was the words “Be Curious”, which I printed on my inkjet printer and cut out as before, then edged each piece with black ink and stuck them to the front cover.  Lastly, I outlined the word panels in the Stickles glitter glue and added a few dots of the glue randomly over the front cover.  I tied the ribbon into a bow and that was the project finished.


I hope that you enjoyed this blog post.  If you did, please like the post and follow my blog.  If you are on social media, I can be found on Facebook by clicking here and also on Instagram by clicking here.

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Now, for your entertainment I give you…Snow Cat! (Not too shabby for a first attempt).



If you still have snow where you are, I hope you can enjoy it (someone has told me we have more on the way for Easter, so better get practising my sculpting techniques!!!

Happy crafting folks, Gem x

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