Let’s Smoosh! – Distress Oxides

I am absolutely stuffed following a gorgeous lunch out to celebrate Mother’s Day.  To you mum’s out there – I hope you have been spoilt and had a lovely day.


As I can hardly move now and have not got the attention span to focus on a full project, I thought that I would just have a play around with some Distress Oxides and see what sort of effects I could get with them.




I have seen a “smooshing” technique (I am sure that it is actually called something far more professional) demonstrated with the Distress Oxides, by other crafters, and decided to have a go.


Very simply, you rub the ink pad onto a glass mat (or craft sheet), spritz the ink with water and then “smoosh” your cardstock into it.


I confess that I am now a little in love with this technique.  I think I might have one of my new go-to methods for creating gorgeous backgrounds for my cards.


All the card panels below were done in the same way by adding ink to my glass mat and then activating it with water.  I love the fact that the effect looks different depending on the colours that you use.  I found that this technique is best done in 2 smooshes, ensuring that you dry the card thoroughly in between smooshes, as you get a greater depth of colour this way.


For the first one, after smooshing, I sprinkled water over the card panel, using a fan paintbrush with water, left it for about 20 seconds and then blotted the card with kitchen paper to remove the excess water.




For this one, I tried the “ghosting” technique, by taking the same stencil as before and spritzing water over the surface.  After removing the stencil, I blotted the panel with kitchen roll, and it looked like you a leaf under a microscope.  I then edged the card panel with some black Archival ink to make it more organic looking.




I then decided to continue the organic theme and opted for a very limited palette of just black and brown.  I LOVE this one.  All I did was add some water splashes and then blended some of the brown ink around the edges before adding a thinner border of black over the top.  It almost looks like a piece of stone.  Perfect for any grungy, industrial or gents’ cards.




Now I got a bit cocky.  I wanted to try and create a night sky effect, so I opted for “Black Soot” for my first layer.  The second layer, I used “Worn Lipstick” and “Wilted Violet”.  I then went in for a third layer, this time using just “Faded Jeans” to try and create the illusion of some night-time clouds.  It was looking good at this point, and then I decided I wanted some stars and, instead of reaching for my gesso, I picked up the fan brush and sprinkled water instead.  Whilst it created a nice mottled effect, it wasn’t stars.  I tried to salvage it with small watered-down gesso sprinkles.  Hmmm…not quite what I wanted, so will have to give this one another try later on down the line.  But…really nice colour combination and I think it would have been fine if I had not used the water splashes.




Now I decided to try a resist technique…the effects of all the food must have been wearing off by this point and my brain was starting to kick back into action!


I stamped a few hibiscus flowers using Perfect Medium and clear embossing powder and heat set it.  I then did the smooshing technique as with the other cards.  If this scheme doesn’t scream out summer I do not know.




These will all be placed in my stash for the right occasion/card to use them for; however, I have a recipient in mind for one of the cards – photos at the end of this post.


Having done bright and summery, I thought I would create a whimsical muted card panel.  I smooshed twice using the same colours and then stamped the flower and butterfly using Perfect Medium before adding white embossing powder and then heat setting it.  I then stamped the sentiment onto vellum with the embossing ink and white powder before sticking it to the card front.




Happy smooshing folks!  It is so effective and so easy!  I can’t believe I waited so long to try it!

Have a lovely week and happy crafting, Gem x

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