Whatever happened to Sunday lie-ins?

Another early wake up today…so much for Sunday morning lie-ins.  Anyhow, the bay is looking beautiful this morning with plenty of blue sky and a few lilac wispy clouds and not a breath of wind – still bloody freezing out there mind you.


So, I am sat at my desk, hot coffee in hand and the cat (Maisie) sat on the bed chattering to me about Lord only knows what – how can someone have so much to say so early in the morning?




I have been scatter-brained recently – too may thoughts in my head that I just haven’t been able to co-ordinate them into any logical plans as yet.  Found this quote, by a chap called John Green, that perfectly summed up what is going on in this old head of mine.


From yesterday’s post, you will know I am having a bit of a love affair with my new Dymo gadget, so he has been pulled out again to be used today.  My second love, thanks to a young lady called Marta Lapkowska, are Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays – I am addicted.  I started off with 2 and my collection is now rapidly growing.  The finish they give is stunning saturation of colour with a nice shot of mica shine running through them.  They work equally well in art journals pages as on a canvas.  I usually pull out my blues / greens / teals colours; however, having recently bought some hotter summer colours (for an African sunset canvas idea) I thought they might go quite well in a constellations / nebula design.


These are the colours of Lindy’s that I used:




Screamin’ Banshee Black (got a lilac/blue burst of colour running through it), Buccaneer Bay Blue (got a shot of gold in it), Poinsettia Red Gold, Hag’s Wart Orange, Bayou Boogie Gold, Long John’s Silver and Frozen Jack Frost


So, here were go:


I didn’t bother painting a coat of gesso first; however, as it was a central page in the journal, I did put a strip down the fold in the pages, just to stop any of the paint leaking through to the other pages.  I just dove straight in, using the Lindy’s Stamp Gang Sprays and starting with the black shade in 2 opposite corners, moving down through the darker shades, through to red and orange.  I overlaid it all with a coat of the silver and gold.  I dried the page thoroughly with my heat gun and then went over the page again following the same colour scheme as the first time.  Again, I dried the page, before adding some white down the very centre of red/orange panel.  Looks at the shimmer from that mica!!!!




I then added some stars, by adding some Titanium White acrylic paint from Daler Rowney to my craft mat and thinned it down with some water, before creating splatters over the page with a fan paint brush (gently tapping the body of the brush against my finger).  In order to add a little more sparkle, I used “Confetti” Stickles from Ranger in places and smoothed the lines of glue with my finger to blend it into the page, as I did not want harsh lines of the glue.



Next, I took my lovely little Dymo Omega machine and typed out my quote; before sticking it centrally down the page.





I am off to prep some canvases this morning and I am thinking a lemon drizzle cake might be a good idea too 🙂 Have a lovely day x

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